Food Addiction 
A Hidden epidemic

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist turned dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This post is about food addiction which is usually goes unnoticed by most of us.

Food addiction is a hidden epidemic and behaves just like the tip of iceberg and goes unnoticed and we all unknowingly promotes and support it every now and than on daily basis in our society and thus are seeing the dreaded results of this in form of chronic lifestyle diseases mainly obesity and it's complications.

Sugar, salt and fat in variable proportion are the most common food addiction which is largely served in the entire food industry and even many of them are marketed even as healthy foods by attractive, deceiving food labels. Most common food addiction is through all the junk foods advertised, available over the malls or grocery stores or evening hanging outside the local surrounding shops and these includes  

1. Wafers.
2. Namkeens.
3. Cold drinks.
4. Biscuit and other cookies.
5. Candys.
6. Chocolates
7. Bakery items i.e cakes, pastries, patties, snack items etc.
8. Burgers.
9. Ice-creams.
10. Shakes.
11. Pizza or pastas.

Watch the above video in which I had elaborated
1. What is addiction.
2. Why do people get addicted.
3. What is food addiction.
4. Reasons of food addiction.
5. what is to be done to get out of this food addiction.

Action which needs to be taken to stay healthy and kick out of the food addiction and the corresponding diseases are
1. Eat healthy food.
2. Avoid or at least limit your junk food intake to the minimal.
3. Limit the portion size.
4. Limit the frequency of meals.
5. limit the intervening snacks.
6. Exercise regularly.
. Avoid or best is to stop smoking, alcohol intake, substance abuse.
. Adequate sleep. 
9. Hydrate well.
. Take the responsibility of your self and your environment.
. Save your environment from the pollution. 

Mere knowledge of things will never help you out and give results until you implement it with your actions, and over a period of time with your consistency you will accomplish the desired results too.

Start taking action with yourself today and than involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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Stay blessed and healthy!

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