Tips To Have A Great Sleep

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist Turned, Dream Body & Weight Coach.

Welcome to this course. Sleep disorders are quite common in today's fast moving world because of many reasons and also is one of the most neglected part with least attention. Many of the people even visit a Doctor especially to get rid of the symptoms or at times they self medicate and try many sought of things and make the situation even worse.

If you feel like sleeping again, body aches and muscle soreness or fatigue, not able to concentrate on your work, often take too much tea or coffee to get yourself focused on something even after spending a lot of hours in the bed you need to do things to get a better sleep.

Sleep is ant integral and often neglected part of the human health and is one of the most important phase of the human life. Most of the human spend around one third of their life in the sleep to get back every morning to accelerate well as per their specific areas of concerns.

Mood swings, irritation, not able to concentrate, fatigue as explained above are few of the most common symptoms of not having a good sleep and it has a tremendous impact on the human health and his productiveness.

Go through the course and you will find easy tips to boost your sleep and say good bye to many of these symptoms and redirect you to path to great health

Join in to get your activities on the track.

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Tips to have a great sleep
  • Tips to have a great sleep