Exercises Easily Performed At Home

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist Turned, Dream Body & Weight Coach.

Welcome to the course. The most common dictum in today's world is that as there is no park or open space or recreational area near by my house am unable to do workout and stay active.

If your one of those as mentioned above then, this blog is for you so as to start your workout today at home itself and you may even take your family along with you so that everyone gains from this.

Regular exercises are an integral part to stay healthy and is compared to daily investments in your health to get the long term returns in terms of having great immunity and disease free life away from the chronic lifestyle diseases of the modern world.

This course is all about the ideas and different exercises you can easily do at the home without spending any money and boost your activity level so as to transform your health.

Join in to get your activities on the track.

Individual Course Price - Rs 1999/-

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