Learn the Secrets from the leading expert and Discover the Path to Transform your Health with Practical Tips and Strategies

Friday every week

 8 pm

 Live Q & A at the end.

 For 2 hrs

Is This Happening With You?

Are you struggling to lose weight & feeling stuck in a busy professional life?

Are your kids already overweight for their age? Do you have a family history of heart disease, BP or Sugar?

Feeling overwhelmed by work-life imbalance, and struggling with  chronic stress, low mood and poor health scorecard?

Feeling lost with information overload, with conflicting information on diet & exercise? Finding it hard to make sustainable lifestyle changes?

Have you been  recently diagnosed with prediabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol at a young age? Searching a lot, not able to cope and get rid of them effectively?

Frustrated with failed weight loss attempts? Struggling to break free from unhealthy habits?

Join This Masterclass To Discover

How are Chronic lifestyle diseases impacting you and what to do about it?

What is the main root cause of chronic lifestyle diseases?

What are the secrets to getting rid of

How can you achieve your Dream Body & Weight?

Case Studies.

Action plan.

This Workshop is for Working Professional who are

Struggling to balance work and health goals?

Feeling drained and lacking energy due to busy professional life

 Finding it difficult to break unhealthy habits and create lasting change

Struggling to find time for exercise and healthy meal preparation

Feeling frustrated by unsuccessful attempts at weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Seeking guidance on how to prevent and manage conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol?

Meet Your Mentor!

Hi, I’m Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal (Dr. IMK), was a busy working professional ( Radiologist ) turned India's leading Dream Body & Weight Coach.

I’m on a mission to redefine the healthcare and education system by creating a new breed of empowered working professionals to live a Blissful and spiritual lifestyle using the magic of "Swasthya Santulan System".

  • From 95 kgs to 68 Kgs following the Swasthya Santulan System in 6 months which I discovered and understood on my journey. 
  • Achieved my new version of Dream Body & Weight and now refining it more! 
  • Able to maintain it over almost 2 years now. 
  • All the dimensions of my life are strengthened by this "HOLISTIC PROGRAMME". 
  • Transformed persona. 
  • Now I am more “organized, calm, happy, joyful, stronger, healthy, confident, medicine free and with better immunity.” 
  • Better time manager with lots of family time and trips together! 
  • Invested in and worked on my personal development. 
  • Solution focused. 
  • Lifelong learner.


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Health Score Checker in the Webinar with Live Q & A. Rs 1999

Strategies to hydrate your body well. Rs 999

The Science & Secrets of Breakfast. Rs 1999

Science to become a Smart buyer during grocery shopping. Rs 1999

7 day Swasthians Health Checklist. Rs 999

Frequently Asked Questions

No, your relevant questions will be answered for sure.

Mainly Hindi but technical terms will be in English as well.

Only available to people who will join the program.

Laptop is better or a mobile with a charged battery and internet with a notebook.

It’s a FREE workshop to attain better health.