Achieve Your Dream Body & Weight Empowering Working Professionals to Master Sustainable Weight Loss & Conquering Obesity, Prediabetes, Hypertension & High cholesterol

Discover the science-backed Secrets, Learn from expert insights and success stories to Transform your Health and a Blissful Life Forever

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This Workshop is for Working Professional who are

  • Struggling to balance work and health goals 
  • Feeling drained and lacking energy due to busy professional life 
  • Finding it difficult to break unhealthy habits and create lasting change 
  • Struggling to find time for exercise and healthy meal preparation 
  • Feeling frustrated by unsuccessful attempts at weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
  • Seeking guidance on how to prevent and manage conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, PCOD and high cholesterol. 
  • You don’t have a teacher / mentor / coach / buddy who can simply guide, and hand hold you, help you be more responsible and accountable and take informed DECISIONS towards your health. 
  • You are ready to commit to a fun, learning and at times a challenging program that’s worth its weight and delivers you the expected results.
You may feel overwhelmed, but do you know what is the best part?
All these things are REVERSIBLE, and you can achieve your Dream Body & Weight in 6 months!
Chef Sanjeev Kapoor


Achieve your best health state.

Manage lifestyle diseases effectively.

Boost overall health and well-being.

Enhance work-life balance.

Increase energy levels and vitality.

Create lasting, healthy habits.

Meet Your Mentor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

Hi, I’m Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal (Dr. IMK), was a busy working professional ( Radiologist ) turned India's leading Dream Body & Weight Coach.

I’m on a mission to redefine the healthcare and education system by creating a new breed of empowered working professionals to live a Blissful and spiritual lifestyle using the magic of "Swasthya Santulan System".

  From 95 kgs to 68 Kgs following the Swasthya Santulan System in 6 months which I discovered and understood on my journey.

  Achieved my new version of Dream Body & Weight and now refining it more!

   Able to maintain it over almost 2 years now.

  All the dimensions of my life are strengthened by this "HOLISTIC PROGRAMME".

  Transformed persona.

  Now I am more “organized, calm, happy, joyful, stronger, healthy, confident, medicine free and with better immunity.

  Better time manager with lots of family time and trips together!

  Invested in and worked on my personal development.

  Solution focused.

  Lifelong learner.


Swasthya Santulan Level 1 (Silver Membership)

Rs 19,999

Good Gut Program and Meal
  • BONUS 1: Strategies to have a great sleep (Value Rs 1999)

  • BONUS 2: Strategies to increase your water intake (Value Rs 1999)

  • BONUS 3: Hunger pangs/pains - a complete guide (Value Rs 1999)

  • BONUS 4: 121 Clarity session (Value Rs 9999)

  • BONUS 5: Know your BMI (Value INR 1999)

  • BONUS 6: Procrastination - a complete guide (Value Rs 1999)

  • BONUS 7: Exercises easily performed at home (Value INR 1999)

  • BONUS 8: Swasthya Santulan Weekly “Golden Nuggets” (Value Rs 19999)

Total Value: Rs 61991

Today Just: Rs 9,999/-

Course Materials

Easy To Follow Program Videos

Downloadable PDFs For All Content

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What you will get

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  Coaching - weekly sessions

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Course Outline

  • Swasthya Santulan System Day 1 
    • Video 1 - Launch orientation video 
    •  Video 2 - Pillars of health and reasons of ll health 
    •  Video 3 - Explaining Swasthya Santulan System 
    •  Video 4 -  Assignments 8 Day 1 Assignment 1 
    •  Day 1 - Assignment 2 8 Day 1 Assignment 3 
    •  Day 1- Assignment 4 "HRM Phenomenon’ 
    •  Day 1- Assignment 5 8 Video 6 - Goal setting 
    •  Goal Cards 
    • The Strangest Secret In The World By Earl Nightingale In Hindi 
    •  Video 7 - What to expect on day 2 
  • Swasthya Santulan Day 2 
    •  Video 1 - Skills needed to achieve your dream body and weight 
    •  Video 2 - Balanced Diet 8 Video 3 - Hydrate yourself 
    •  Video 4 - Sleep 
    •  Video 5 - What to expect on day 3 guidelines. 
  • Swasthya Santulan Day 3 
    •  Video 1 - Recharge yourself with UNIVERSAL CHARGER daily 
    •  Video 2 - Activity and exercises 
    •  Video 3 - Meditation 
    •  Video 4 - What to expect on this joumey 
    •  Video 5 - Connecting the dots

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Frequently asked questions

A Laptop (preferable) mobile, high speed internet connection. download zoom in your laptop / mobile. Bottle of water, Pen, Paper, a silent place for the session and you are good to transform.

In such a case, the best thing to do is to consult with your health practitioner or doctor first. When you get a go ahead from a doctor then register for classes. Keep in mind your limitations and precautions if any, and also mention the condition to us before joining the classes (write an email) , while filling the Registration form during registration.

Don’t worry at all, we need to begin someday and the best part is all sessions are beginner friendly and you have made the best decision of your life to transform your health. Hope to see you soon and have a great journey.

Yes, you can but only if

  • You have completed the course and you have done the assignments. But you still found that the program is not useful or you are not connected with the system.
  • Also Only within 4 weeks of the purchase.
  • Certificate is not downloaded.

It's better if you do not miss but at times there are unforeseen circumstances which just happen, we can understand. For such and also keeping in mind the busy schedule of the working professionals a recording of the class is always available.

New Launch Offer 
Rs 61991 INR 9,999