Heat / Sun Stroke

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist turned dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This video is all about understanding the creating awareness about the heat or sun stroke. This video includes signs, symptoms, risk factors, precipitating factors, complications of the heat/sunstroke apart from the preventive steps and what to be done in a suspected person of heat stroke.

Heat / Sun stroke are becoming so common these days (Peak Summers ) in India especially in the northerner, central and western states and is really alarming! with temperature reaching up to and beyond 50 degree Celsius in some parts along with the hot winds in the afternoon and we need to act together to prevent ourselves and our loved ones from this scrotching heat.

Sun / heat stroke is an extreme form of the heat injury which is characterized by 

1. Core body temperature  > or = 104 F (40 C).  
2. Mainly because of the prolong exposure to or exertion in high temperatures therefore is common in summers.
It's an EMERGENCY condition and requires immediate action and medical assistance as well.

Left untreated can result in fatal injuries to organs leading to multiorgan failure leading to even death.

Watch the above detailed video in which I had given the details of heat / sun stroke in simple, easy to understand and implement manner like what is it, symptoms, risk factors, precipitating factors, complications and what needs to be done in an emergent case and how to prevent them.

Tips to prevent sun/heat stroke.
1. Loose fit clothing.
2. Fabric which can breathe or which helps in easy circulation of air.
3. Wear light color fabric if working outdoors as it absorbs less heat.
4. Protect against sun burn and heat injury especially by use of Sunscreen, hats, umbrella, intermittent breaks.
5. Hydrate well by drinking plenty of fluids.
6. Prefer drinking water with electrolytes especially if you are a athlete, military personnel or an occupational worker in mines or hot surroundings.
7. Always drink water before going to mid sun in summers and carry a water bottle.
8. Take extra precautions especially when on certain medications ie Diuretics, decongestants, antipsychotics, anti-depressants, beta blockers. 

9. Never leave anyone or be in a parked car even with AC on.
10. Plan and schedule your days well during the hottest parts of the day.
11. Get acclimatized first to your new environment.
12. Be cautious if you're at increased risk ie occupational, military personnel, athlete, a child or an elderly.
13. Take the responsibility of your environment especially to prevent global warming by planting more trees, limiting use of fossil fuels and preventing pollution to the best possible extent.
14. Be mindful and ready to help in your immediate surrounding environment. 

Mere knowledge of things will never help you out and give results until you implement it with your actions, and over a period of time with your consistency you will accomplish the desired results too.

Start taking action with yourself today and than involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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Stay blessed and healthy!

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