Simple Ways To Increase Your Water Intake

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist turned dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This post is about how you can increase your water intake by simple yet effective ways.

Our body is about 70% water, and drinking enough of it is vital for optimal health. Drinking Water is often overlooked by most of us however, it is a necessary part of staying healthy. Water plays a vital role in all bodily functions such as digestion, assimilation, transportation of nutrients, energizing muscles, also having beautiful skin and lustrous hair and in excretion of waste products from the body.

How to increase your daily water intake?

This question has always troubled many of us.
The benefits of having adequate water intake is well documented and is known to almost everybody despite that we fail miserably to achieve adequate intake.
Plain water is literally my favorite drink—I can drink water all the day and really enjoy it too.

Watch the above video in which I had given the 12 simple ways to increase your water intake and hydrate your body to work efficiently for better understanding.

As I know many of the people usually struggle with drinking enough water, I want to share these 12 easy tips or hacks to drink more water and hydrate yourself well now onwards and stay away from the dehydration and all that is associated with decrease water intake. I am personally following all these with very good results. Let us see how we can increase our water intake.
1. Start your day with water intake.
2. Make a routine as you do for other daily work.
3. Keep a bottle of water with you every time.
4. Eat your water in the form of fruits ( water melon, muskmelon), Vegetables (cucumber, spinach, celery, lettuce).
5. Flavor it often with healthy things i.e . lemon, lime, oranges, cucumber, water melon, strawberry, herbs (Mint, Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon).
6. Gamify & Challenge your family & friends for a healthy water intake.
7. Sip a glass of water whenever you are thinking. 
8. Replace your standard tea or coffee with herbal tea.
9. Have vegetable soup often but without much salt and added starch or market thickeners or stock.
10. Rehydrate yourself after every workout.
11. Replace transitions of the day with a glass of water. 

Mere knowledge of things will never help you out and give results until you implement it with your actions, and over a period of time with your consistency you will accomplish the desired results too.

Start taking action with yourself today and than involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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Stay blessed and healthy!

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