Understanding Health Definitions

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist turned dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This post is about understanding various definitions of the health.

This blog is about understanding the concept of health through various definitions, dimensions or pillars which are commonly used and to adapt them after understanding them in our life so as to be healthy and stay healthy to live a meaningful life on this planet. 

Is disease free a good health or there are other meanings of health as well ? 

There are various other aspects, pillars or spheres of health which are important to be understood and implemented to achieve a great health. 

The most popular meaning of health among us is being the "disease free status". 

The other aspects of health covered in this video includes

1. WHO definition of health. 

2. Medical dictionary meaning of health. 

3. Rene Dubos definition of health. 

4. Meaning of holistic health and it's 6 Pillars. 

5. Wellness wheel of health and it's 8 Pillars.  

Watch the above video in which I had given the overview about chronic lifestyle diseases, what are they, their incidence, what are the main reasons and what needs to be done to handle and come over them.

00:00 - Is disease free a good health or there are other meanings of health as well?
00:20 - What are the various other aspects, pillars or spheres of health?
00:45 - What is the most popular meaning of health.
00:58 - WHO definition of health.
01:30 - Medical Dictionary meaning of health.
02:15 - Rene Dubos definition of health.
02:55 - Meaning of Holistic health. 6 Pillars.
03:35 - Wellness Wheel Of health. Is most apt. It has 8 Pillars.
03:53 - What needs to be done for a great health.
04:00 - Emotional dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
05:58 - Spiritual dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
07:04 - Intellectual dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
08:17 - Physical dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
09:03 - Occupational dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
10:43 - Financial dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
12:00 - Environmental dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
14:42 - Social dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.

Definition of the wellness wheel of health appears to be most apt. It describes 8 important pillars / determinants or dimensions of health which needs to be taken care of to enjoy a great & sustainable health in the life. This includes 

  • Emotional dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Spiritual dimension/Pillar/determinant of health.
  • Intellectual dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Physical dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Occupational dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Financial dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Environmental dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 
  • Social dimension/Pillar/determinant of health. 

Mere knowledge of things will never help you, it's abundant and give results only to those who implement it with their decisive actions, nurturing with consistent routine to accomplish the dreamed results soon.

Start taking action, begin with yourself today, slowly involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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Stay blessed and healthy!

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