Fruit Juice Vs Fruits

Why you should stop drinking fruit juice and start eating fruits 

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A Radiologist turned dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This post is about "Fruit Juice Vs Fruits : Why you should stop drinking fruit juice and start eating fruits".

Fruit Juices are easily available nowadays with multiple variations and along with variable styles and taste as according to the person preparing it or consuming it and hence, it's very important to understand that we are making it more of a junk food loaded with calories, taste however, low on nutrition value.

Most common things which are usually added to a juice nowadays includes 

1. Ice in any form. 
2. Refined sugar in any form as a powder or syrup.
3. Various form and types of Salts i.e. table salt, rock salt, mineral salt etc.
4. Additional flavor boosting agents or chemicals.
5. Chat or special masalas.
6. Soda.
7. Carbonated water.

Watch the above video in which I had given you all the desired details from preparation of the juice to add on things which are making it a junk food to the advantages of taking the wholesome fruit and advantages of fiber to your body.

No doubts fresh juice without any add on unhealthy ingredients is a better choice comparing to your tea or coffee or other types of beverages or soft drinks available in the market.

However, eating wholesome fruits is even much better as it adds a lot of fiber to the diet and it has a lot of advantages to the body. For example if you replace a glass of orange juice to the oranges you will add approximately the fiber of 5 Oranges which must have been thrown away in case of only juice. 

Advantages of the fiber in your diet.

1. Fiber act as a cleansing agent to the intestine. 
2. Add bulk to the stools and also absorbs more of water therefore helps to prevent constipation.
3. It also decreases the glycemic index of the meal as fibers prevent rapid absorption of the glucose and hence prevent spikes in the blood sugar level in the body.
4. Fiber in the fruits even also promotes the BMR and also helps in the weight loss.

Mere knowledge of things will never help you out and give results until you implement it with your actions, and over a period of time with your consistency you will accomplish the desired results too.

Start taking action with yourself today and than involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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Stay blessed and healthy!

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