Decoding Stage Of Banana Ripening 

and it's health benefits

Dr. Indermohan Khandelwal

A radiologist turned, India's leading dream body & weight coach.

Welcome to our blog post. This post is about "Decoding Stage of Banana Ripening: and it's health benefits".

Bananas are easily available throughout year in India in most of the world with multiple variations in terms of their stage of ripening from literally raw to the ripen form and accordingly its taste and other characteristics and health benefits changes hence, it's of utmost importance to understand which banana is suitable for our need.

Banana is a great fruit abundant in southeast Asia and in India.

Banana is also easily available in markets throughout the year and is loaded with health benefits which makes it a great, healthy choice in fruits.

Due to its resistant starch, pectin, catechin, antioxidants and varying stage of ripening offers varying results in our health depending upon different requirements.

Therefore you must include banana in your diet and improve your health with banana according to your requirements

Stage of ripening of banana is directly proportional to its sugar contents and it is minimal in the raw dark green banana and is maximum in the brownish peel banana which are overripe.

Banana is very easy to digest and therefore is the first fruit introduced to the children during the weaning stage.

Watch the above video in which I had given you all the desired details of the bananas.

00:00 - Introduction.

00:54 - Nutritional facts of bananas.

01:02 - Macronutrients in bananas. 

02:17 - Micronutrients in bananas.

03:31 - Bananas boost heart health.  

03:59 - Bananas stabilize mood.  

04:41 - Banana improves gut health in any problems and is a good prebiotic. 

07:00 - Bananas are a great snack before and after workout or exercise.

08:04 - Bananas increase calcium absorption in the gut. 

08:39 - Bananas have a filling effect on the stomach. 

09:40 - Bananas are easy to digest. 

10:48 - Bananas are rich in antioxidants and hence boost immunity. 

11:09 - Banana is easily available in most parts of world.  

11:32 - Bananas are low on the pocket. 

11:53 - Stages of banana ripening and its importance in health in different situations accordingly. 

14:01 - Common recipes for bananas. 

14:36 - Myths attached with banana intake. 

14:41 - Bananas cause weight gain, is it really true? 

16:02 - Bananas are not good for diabetics, really?  or how diabetic people use bananas for the best results.

18:50 - When should bananas not be consumed? 

20:00 - Importance of Banana tree and its produce in the Hindu religion.

Mere knowledge of things will never help you out and give results until you implement them with your actions, and over a period of time with your consistency you will accomplish the desired results too.

Start taking action today and then involve everyone around you to change your family, society, nation and the whole world. 

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